Till Hoddick

Initiator von MyFinancial-Academy

Durch seine Kindheit und Jugend geprägt, durfte Till schon früh lernen, dass Geld eine essenzielle Rolle im Leben der meisten Menschen spielt und dass es einen großen Einfluss auf viele Bereiche in unserem Leben hat. Geld kann kein wahres Glück, Vertrauen oder Freundschaft kaufen, aber Geld kann uns die Sicherheit, das Selbstbewusstsein und die die Möglichkeit geben unser Leben nach unseren Vorstellungen zu Leben. Durch den Kontakt mit finanziell freien Menschen, erkannte Till, dass nicht nur lange und harte Arbeit der Schlüssel zum finanziellen Erfolg ist, sondern die finanzielle Intelligenz und der Umgang mit Geld.


Through the apprenticeship and the studies in the field of management, Till recognized that our educational system is not designed to convey sufficient basics and day to day necessary knowledge in the field of insurance, precaution not to mention investment. We become equipped with the required industry relevant skills, but not with the essential financial knowledge and mindset to improve our financial situation and to take it in our own hands to achieve our goals and dreams.

By founding MyFinancial-Academy, Till pursues the goal and dogma that financial intelligence is essential for everybody to achieve financial freedom, which is why he imposes on himself everyday to empower people in their financial decisions by knowledge.

Till did an apprenticeship as a hotel specialist with Deutsche Hospitality in Dortmund, worked afterwards for half a year on the MVEuropa 2 and studies currently international hospitality management at iubh in Bad Honnef. Through his travelling, lived experiences and studies he found his passion in motivating and coaching of people “To become their best self”.


Yannick Paré


Yannick hat seine Liebe für Zahlen, logische Zusammenhänge und Strukturellen Aufbau verschiedenster Dinge bereits im jungen Alter entdeckt. Die Idee nicht alles machen zu können worauf man Lust hat, zeigte Ihm das Geld bei weitem nicht alles, aber bei vielem der Schlüssel ist um gewisse Ziele und Sachen zu erreichen. Um seines eigenen Glückes Schmied zu werden ist also ein gewisses Maß an Arbeit und Bekenntnis erforderlich. Ohne die entsprechenden Schlüssel, können einem noch sie viele Türen im Wege stehen – Es hat aber keinen Zweck, wenn man diese nicht öffnen kann. Yannick hat durch Till eine Bauanleitung zu seinem eigenen Weg bekommen und verfolgt diesen nun mit dem nötigen Wissen und einem starken Willen.

Kai Wiedemann


Kai grew up in a small, tranquil village on the edge of the Swabian Alb. He comes from a very technically oriented family with his father as an engineer and a grandfather, who used to work a lot with machines since he was a farmer. Hence, ss a boy, he was intensively involved with technical and scientific topics such as astronomy, mechanics and machines. However, he found his true passion through detours. In secondary school he had his first contact with the world of finance. When he took part in a stock exchange game and completed it successfully in the 9th grade his interest was aroused. But a few more years passed by until he decided to make a career in the area of finance.


Since Kai always wanted to go into the MINT area, he decided to go to a technical high school with a focus on IT after obtaining good secondary degree. Yet, he did not found joy in it, why he started to look for alternatives after one year and completed an internship at a bank. The internship brought him so much enjoyment, that he  following applied for a dual course of study at a bank.

Since 2016 he studies dual at the BWL-Bank at DHBW Heidenheim and deals with the world of finance on a daily basis.

Through the theoretical content and practical experience he developed over the last few years to a financial expert who still finds enjoyment in his job. In September 2019, he will complete his Bachelor’s degree and is excited to go and find his own way in the financial world.


Katharina Nelles

Digital Brand Manager

Katharina never showed a lot of interest in numbers and finance. However, coaching by Till and other companions made her aware of the impotency of financial education. Every person should have the opportunity to get access to that knowledge, to achieve the foundation of financial independency and to be able to face the obstacles of everyday life with more calm and self-confident.


Katharina’s main concern and field of interest lies in the personal development, whereby financial education represents one of the foundation pillars to life a happy and free life.

She loves to inspire and accompany other people on their way to their best self. She shapes MyFinancial-Academy through her easiness and pleasure in life and looks after the online and social media presents of MyFinancial-Academy.

Company Culture

We are all about self fulfillment, personal development, work-life integration, feeling of belongingness, to support every team member to achieve their individual goals and life their live to the fullest.Collaboration, dedication, trust, honesty and empathy are the foundation of MyFinancial-Academy.Our self-imposed aspiration of educating and empowering other people starts within the company where everybody takes the time and effort to support others to be their best self.

“We believe that financial intelligence is essential for everybody to achieve financial freedom and should be available to all of us, which is why we impose on ourselves every day to empower people in their financial decisions.”



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