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Are you planning a conference, meeting or event and you are looking for something entertaining and simultaneously added value creating?

With his passion in finance and his ability to visualize Till gives an impulse to think about money in a different way and to empower people to make the right financial decisions to become financially successful. As a keynote speaker on meetings, conferences and events he triggers and animates the audience to reflect on themselves and their situation, in his enthusiastic, energetic, humorous and challenging way. Moreover, he illuminates financial mindsets from different perspectives, straights up myths and demonstrates well-known facts, reveals some interesting statics and provokes thoughts and possible actions.
Participants will remember, talk about and referring to his Keynote for a long time, because his main function is to clear up obsolete mindsets, initiate action, transferring knowledge with the ultimate goal to enhance participants financial intelligence and subsequently to empower them to make the right financial decisions.

Every keynote can be individual tailored on different topics, like mindset & behaviour, investment and insurances & precaution depending on the individual participants preferences. Thus, each keynote is an individual experience that ensures maximum benefit for the target audience and their interests and needs.


Mindset & Behaviour

What mindset does it take and how to behave to become financially successful?

Triggers the audience to reflect on their behaviour & mindset and adjust accordingly, by provoking thoughts and propose possible actions.


What is investing? How does it work and why is it essential on the way to finical success?

Straights up investment myths and processes, explains investment strategies and facts and proposes hands on actions to get started.

Insurances & Precaution

What insurances and precautions are essential and how to determine the individual ideal suitability?
Provides insight of the overall insurance market, their providers and points out different characteristics of products by utilizing genuine examples.

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